A wave of hydration!

Your hydrating serum + cream duo with a 30% discount.*

Because a well-hydrated skin looks visibly younger and goes through the years better.

*Offer valid when you purchase a hydrating youth cream (50ml) together with an intensive hydrating serum (50ml) at the prices displayed in your institute/spa as a box set, enjoy an exceptional discount of 30%. Discount deducted at checkout. See conditions with your beauty therapist.

The Intensive youth serum

A high-efficiency formula.

To regenerate the skin and restore its hydration durably. For all dehydrated to very dehydrated skin.
  • Enhances hydration
  • Prevention of signs of aging
  • Complementary action with creams: booster effect
Long-term action for lasting intense hydration. The skin regains all its elasticity, it looks and feels regenerated. Its youth is preserved.


Hydrating youth creams

Comfort and protection on a daily basis.

Hydrating youth cream bring you comfort and protection on a daily basis. Day after day your skin is immediately hydrated.
  • For normal to dry dehydrated skin: Hydrating comfort youth cream (balm and creamy texture).
  • For dehydrated skin, normal to combination skin: Hydrating youth cream (light melting emulsion).
The skin is moisturized and comfortable. The skin’s radiance and youthfulness are preserved day after day.


after 3hr.*!

Our Hydrating range: Hydra 3Ha. Hyaluronic Acid™

An exclusive active ingredient: the patented 1055 bolete extract from its advanced research.

 Discover our program with triple hyaluronic acid.

The moisturizing range has three key active ingredients: patented 1055 boletus extract or low molecular weight hyaluronic acid or high molecular weight hyaluronic acid in solution. Assets associated with two in sales products.

Objectives :

  • Immediately restore hydration and protect the skin on a daily basis.
  • Reactivate the skin's water memory
  • Regenerate the skin for lasting hydration.

Active ingredients

1055 boletus extract

An exclusive, patented active ingredient from Sothys Advanced Research. Hyaluronic acid booster. Action on the barrier function. Action on moisture flow. Pro-youthfulness action.

BPM Hyaluronic acid + restruct

Action deep within the skin to protect the epidermal stem cells for a lasting regeneration of the epidermis

HPM hyaluronic acid in patch form + “Quenching” active ingredients

Surface action to form a protective film and progressively release the essential components of the NMF.

Hydra-plumping complex

To plump.

My hydrating routine