Sothys, official partner of the miss france organisation...

2020 will be the 3rd consecutive year that we have partnered with Miss France. To mark this occasion and the one hundredth edition of the beauty contest, we have gone even further and are offering a Limited edition Lipstick designed in collaboration with Sylvie Tellier, the Managing Director of the Miss France Organisation.

Discover the Sothys lipstick for Miss France.

The lipstick makes its show in very limited edition!

The ultimate symbol of femininity, an object of seduction, lipstick is the must-have product of every woman who wants to reveal her elegance.

Discover a new timeless, delicate and refined nude shade, perfect for glamorous, chic and natural make-up specially created for Miss France!

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The 2020-2021 winter must-have!

Find this winter must-have comes in a precious gold case with a stylish and elegant finish and is presented inside its chic and uniquely decorated packaging.

Sothys beauty tip:
Apply directly from the bullet or using a finger. For a more precise application use the Sothys Lip brush. To improve wear, absorb excess residue by pressing a tissue in between your lips and reapply the lipstick.

A collaboration with Sylvie Tellier

A Limited edition Lipstick designed in collaboration with Sylvie Tellier, the Managing Director of the Miss France Organisation. She knows the Miss contestants and women by heart! So it was completely natural for us to collaborate with Sylvie Tellier to come up with this lipstick shade that is perfect for all women!
"I am delighted that Miss France and Sothys are joining forces in our centenary year. As our partner for the national contest for the last two years, we have been so lucky to enjoy the quality of their products, especially the lipsticks, which our Miss contestants adore. With a creamy texture that is easy to apply, they leave the lips feeling comfortable all day long. We have chosen a colour which will enhance all women’s lips. We also relied on our social media community to help us pick the perfect shade! We wanted to mark this exciting collaboration by creating a limited edition gold case that reflects the values Miss France shares with Sothys: elegance, femininity and charm. Only the first lucky people will be able to get one!"

It’s clear for all to see...

Sothys celebrated its 70th birthday in 2016 and this year, the establishment of the beauty
contest in France is turning 100. With barely 30 years between them, Sothys and Miss France share many common values and put women in the spotlight:

what could be more feminine than a beauty product? A private, personal possession, it complements women daily to reveal all their beauty.
Glamour: the Sothys make-up collections are the perfect illustration of the glamorous touch that all women want. The Miss France contestants are the best ambassadors of this look.
Modernity: at the cutting edge, Sothys and Miss France show women at their best, perfectly in tune with their current expectations.
Heritage: by showcasing the most beautiful women from our French regions, our heritage, which is so important to Sothys, is also put in the spotlight.

Behind the scenes... All the secrets from the Miss contestants for 3 years!

It all starts with the official photo shoot to reveal the 30 contestants. Their identity is still a
secret the day before and then they will be revealed to the general public, who can’t wait
to see them... Each Miss contestant receives a complete Sothys make-up kit and the brand
is presented to them on this occasion before they set off on the official trip. During the official trip, no fewer than 5 Sothys make-up artists accompany the Miss contestants to the different photo shoots. On the day itself, a team of 20 make-up artists equipped with Sothys products, led by the Chief official make-up artist Frédérique Alcaraz, will make the contestants look beautiful with an on-trend make-up look planned in advance.
Tensions always run high when getting the 30 contestants ready for the big show, which will be seen by millions of viewers... Different stage designs, many changes of outfits and extremely precise choreography!