Discover the seasonal treatment, pineapple-kiwi!

Find the exotic pineapple-kiwi scent through in cabin treatments and 3 home products!

At the heart of the concept

Seasonal treatment – LIMITED EDITION.
An original concept combining chronobiology and delicious flavours to reveal the skin’s radiance, season by season.
A dose of oxygen associated with a cocktail of minerals to boost the skin’s defence system before winter and with a cocktail of vitamins to revitalise it before summer.
 To discover in the cabin with 3 treatments and at home with the treatment products!

Micellar cleansing gel

Remove impurities and make-up in a single gesture

This micellar cleansing gel works quickly and efficiently to trap impurities and make-up (face and light eye make-up) in one step. Its non-greasy gel texture with an exotic pineapple and kiwi scent leaves a very soft, fresh veil on the face.

2-in-1 mask exfoliant

Restores softness and radiance to your skin

A scrub and mask combined in 1 product. Rich in pink clay, it restores softness and radiance to your skin.

Nourishing body spray

The skin is soft, comfortable and better protected.

A delicate body treatment cocktail with an innovative two-phase light oil texture.
Ideal for the summer season, this spray with an exotic scent provides all the benefits of soothing pineapple extract and kiwi plant water. The skin feels soft, comfortable and better protected.
When used as an aftersun, it leaves a nourishing non-greasy veil on the body.

The active ingredients

Pineapple oleo-extract

Complexion radiance

Kiwi vegetable water obtained using a flash distillation process distillation

Known for its moisturizing properties.

Aqueous extract of pineapple

Restores radiance complexion and soothes the skin.

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