Energizing serum

30 ml
  • BenefitsThe skin appears depolluted*, fortified and oxygenated. It is younger-looking and its vitality is restored. The complexion is radiant and invigorated.
  • Efficiency87% satisfaction **: a fresher complexion that appears detoxified, depolluted
  • TextureGel
  • Skin typeAll skin types

Product description


This powerful detoxifying and energizing cocktail is an incredibly gentle and light-textured serum: the ideal boost to your skincare ritual.

Skin regains its vitality and looks younger.

Sothys Advanced research can now reveal an even more complete solution based on a unique and exclusive trio of active ingredients, including an organic elderberry extract (patent FR 18 53898), a new generation of organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract, and detoxifying biomimetic peptides to:

  • Reduce the impact of pollution on skin
  • Preserve and boost cellular energy

The new DETOX ENERGIE™ range therefore boosts your skin’s resistance to the environment.
It appears to be more luminous, better oxygenated, and boosted; its youthful radiance is restored.

* Depolluting = helps to limit damaged to the skin caused by pollution


87% satisfaction **: a fresher complexion that appears detoxified, depolluted
91% satisfaction ***: the skin seems to breathe better

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Technique of application

Perfect booster in the skincare routine: its light texture means that it can be applied before another serum.
And has been shown to optimize the efficiency of the cream used with it.
Apply the morning and the evening over the entire face and neck area.
Follow with your usual Sothys cream. 

For an intensive course of treatment: Energizing serum + Depolluting* youth cream.
Throughout the year: Energizing serum to associate with all other youth creams.

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Active ingredients

  • Detoxifying peptides
  • Organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract
  • Organic elderberry extract - Patent pending FR 18 53898

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  • Floral
  • Musky

Proven efficacy

Active ingredients

Detoxifying peptides

Biomimetic design. 360°global antipollution (outdoor/ indoor/internal).

Organic energizing Siberian ginseng root extract

Protects the cell to maintain good energy levels and boosts intracellular energy.

Organic elderberry extract - Patent pending FR 18 53898

A complete active ingredient to protect against pollution 92%*. Anti-free radical. * Anti-pollution protection: 92% - in vitro testing of keratinocytes exposed to urban pollution.

Beauty routine

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