Perfect shape stretch mask

  • BenefitsA mechanical shaping action for an instant lift effect for the facial contour.
  • TextureInfused “fabric” mask
  • Skin typeAll skin types

Product description


The search for a perfect shape and toned facial skin is one of the main concerns of women who want a harmonious and visibly younger-looking face.

The Sothys programme defies the biological concerns of this specific part of the face – skin sagging, a transfer of fat towards the lower face and heavy features – to provide a solution for all women’s needs.

In search of an instant lift effect for the facial contour (everyday, before an event, etc.)?

The Perfect shape – Stretch mask combines the mechanical shaping action of an original stretch fabric with a collection of active ingredients. Ideal for regular Perfect shape youth serum users looking for an enhanced action from a hyper-functional product.

Technique of application

Unfold the mask and apply gently under the chin and onto the facial contours.
Hook it around the ears to enhance the stretch effect while it is in place. Leave on for 15 minutes and remove.
Massage in the excess using the fingertips. No need to rinse.
Apply once or twice a week.

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Active ingredients

  • Almond seed extract
  • Seaweed extract Acophyllum nodosum
  • Hibiscus stem cell extract

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  • Floral
  • Fruity
  • Musky

Active ingredients

Almond seed extract

For its lifting effect.

Seaweed extract Acophyllum nodosum

Recognized for its action on hydration and elasticity.

Hibiscus stem cell extract

Recognized for its action on hydration and radiance.

Beauty routine

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