Eau de toilette intense

  • BenefitsDiscover the power­ful and sensual expression of masculine elegance.
  • TextureEau de toilette
  • Skin typeAll skin types

Product description

Fresh and woody harmonies, an amber, musky scent trail... This eau de toilette is a power­ful and sensual expression of masculine elegance.

For men, beauty is like sport…

There are several categories:

  • Beginners, who use the strict minimum in terms of cosmetic products,
  • Fans, who use men’s cosmetic products, but also borrow products from the women in their lives…
  • Pros, who use the most innovative products for an irreproachable look.

No matter what category they belong to, all men are subject to stress, fatigue, pollution and shaving… Their skin is put to the test. To protect skin from daily environmental stress, Sothys has specially developed effective targeted care products enriched with volcanic rock* for detoxified and energised skin.

* liquid extract of volcanic rock​

Technique of application

Apply one or two sprays on the chest and on each wrist to reveal all the notes of this fragrance.

Active ingredients

  • Fragrance

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Active ingredients


Cedar, santal, lavander, shite musc and tonka bean

Associated cabin treatments

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