Natural active ingredients created by Les Jardins Sothys™ (The Sothys Gardens).

As a strong symbol that expresses the respect the brand has for nature, Les Jardins Sothys in Auriac (Corrèze) are a source of constant inspiration and bear witness to the brand’s involvement in sustainable development.


Offer a new look at nature, inspiring beauty.
The Jardins Sothys™, created in 2007, are a preserved plant setting in Auriac, in Corrèze, near Cantal in a Natura 2000 protected area. Located on the homeland of the Mas family, Les Jardins Sothys ™ enhance the plant world; they are the source of inspiration and creation of Sothys cosmetic products.

The Sothys philosophy is dedicated to beauty, cosmetics and well-being. At the same time atmospheric gardens, set of small intimate enclosures with varied atmospheres, they invite you to a sensory escape, a unique experience that combines nature, beauty and culture.

By losing yourself in it you will feel harmony, serenity and calm. They consist of a Botanical Garden labeled Remarkable Garden (4 ha in the heart of a 26 hectare forest park), a gourmet restaurant and a Boutique.
This exceptional place now attracts over 12,000  visitors every year.

“Although for many years, I devoted all my energy to Tokyo, New York and Singapore in order to develop Sothys, I thought constantly about Auriac, the green landscape of my Corrèzian garden, this magical place, which, well away from the century’s hustle and bustle, has always made me feel peaceful and rejuvenated... This is where meaning takes root... ”



Respect for nature, use of the regional habitat, recovery of co-products from the environment...
are all values which guide our botanical research and help us to create active ingredients inspired by our Gardens:
  • Flax extract, 1055 boletus extract (France patent n°1055097),
  • Sothys rose stem cells,
  • Saffron flower
  • Organic elderberry extract (patent n°FR 1853898).

Sothys Advanced Research is the foundation for the brand’s scientific innovations. Its purpose is to identify and approve new active ingredients. Sothys expertise is also furthered by valuable interaction with universities.

Inspiration of nature and rigour of science.

Organic eldeberry extract.

Inspired by our Jardins Sothys™, sourced from certified organic farming and extracted using green chemistry, this exclusive Sothys active ingredient was developed in collaboration with the CVA (Centre de Valorisation des Agroressources, which guides companies through the development of eco-extraction processes) and is the result of four and a half years of research.


  • Protects the cells from pollution
  • Improves cell cohesion and renewal
  • Anti-radical effect

Saffron flower.

Draw out the best from the Saffron flower and extract the molecules with cosmetic benefits antioxidant. By-products of saffron production, polyphenols are extracted by an eco-responsible process from dried saffron flowers. They are a real trap for free radicals. Innovation from Sothys Advanced Research to be found in the Youth & cabin range with the Intensive Youth Treatment.

The saffron flower is cultivated in Quercy, a region preserved in the heart of nature, by 45 producers:
- Recovery  of an environmental by-product. Obtaining one kilogram of saffron requires 300 kg of flowers. An eco-responsible approach has therefore been put forward with the aim of enhancing the value of flowers, a product which today is wasted.
- Eco-responsible extraction process.


  • Expertise in plant development in south-west France
  • Partnership with the CVA and collaboration with the University of Limoges.

1055 Boletus extract.

Star active ingredient from Sothys Advanced Research.

 Hydrating and anti-ageing:

  • 8 years of research
  • Extracted from a mushroom derived from the Limousin biotope.
  • Obtained through green chemistry
  • Certified French origin, manual harvesting
  • Patented active ingredient
  • Source of polysaccharides, vitamin B3 and antioxidant compounds

Sothys rose stem cells.

Genuine botanical treasure, the quintessence of Sothys rose stem cells.

The Sothys rose, specially developed in honor of its founder, Mr. Bernard Mas, becomes the original source of inspiration for a unique cream, La Crème 128, and exceptional treatment in the cabin.

  • PROTECT the dermal stem cells
  • REDUCE the premature ageing process caused by daily micro inflammation (inflamm’aging)
  • REACTIVATE the synthesis of components that are essential for the skin’s youth and beauty.
  • REGENERATE epidermal cells.
  • LIMIT cell energy deficiencies.
  • 360°: Spectacular pro-youth action

Flax extract.

Protection and regeneration of the skin.
  • Preserve the barrier function of the skin against external aggressions
  • Provide protection for dermal structures
Rich in sugars and inspired by glycobiology
  • origin France
  • green chemistry process (maceration)

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