Personal Data Policy




We attach great importance to the protection of the personal data of the users of this Site and, for this purpose, we have implemented the following policy:


What is personal data?

This refers to any data that can directly name (e.g. a name) or indirectly a natural person (e.g. an identifier, a code).


What data do we collect?

As part of your user experience of our Site, we collect personal data about you.


You can provide us with your personal data in different ways via our Site either:

→ directly: creation of a customer account, request of information, participation to contests;

→ indirectly: cookies.


We do not collect personal data from third parties.


We take care to collect only strictly necessary data in order to offer you a user experience that is the most pleasant and adapted to your needs and to provide you with the services you have subscribed.


For this purpose, your consent is always required except in cases where we are in the context of the execution of a contract concluded with you (sales contract for example).


Fields that must be filled in are marked with an asterisk.


The data that is likely to be collected are as follows:


Situation that may lead to a collection of personal data

Nature of data collected

Purpose of the treatment carried out by us

Nature of the user’s consent

Length of data retention

Creation of a customer account


Last Name, First Name, Email

Manage the customer relationship; send you personalized offers


Execution of a contract (to be able to answer the service you have subscribed)

3 years from the end of the commercial relation


Information request

Company name, Last name, first name, address, Phone number, email

Send you an answer


3 years as from the last raise

Sending of a newsletter

Last Name, First Name, Email

Send you

information about

the brand


Until unsubscription

Sending marketing communication

Last Name, First Name, Email

Send you

commercial communications


3 years from collection or last contact

Promotional operation (contest)

Last name, First name, address, phone number of contestant

Communicate around the promotional operation

Send you commercial communication


Duration required for the purpose of this operation

Navigation (data collected by cookies)


(On these points, see paragraph dedicated to cookies)


It should be noted that the retention periods indicated cover both active and in-house conservation.


Who is in charge of the processing?

The controller is the person who determines the purposes and means of the processing. He is directly responsible for compliance with the obligations regarding the protection of personal data.


We are the controller.


Security and conservation data

We ensure the confidentiality of your personal data and put in place technical means to ensure the conservation of these.


Your data is stored on protected software with restricted and controlled access.


What are your rights?

In accordance with the regulations in force, you have an information right (receive information concise, transparent, understandable and easily accessible in clear and simple terms), a right of access to your personal data, rectification, opposition, erasure and limitation thereof.


In case of exercise of your right of opposition and/or deletion and/or portability and/or dereference of data concerning you, we will be unable to perform certain services.


In addition, you have the option to withdraw your consent to the collection and processing of your personal data at any time.


You also have the right to lodge a complaint with the CNIL and / or to make any legal recourse.



If you have any questions on this subject, you may write to us at the postal or e-mail address appearing in the header of this document under the heading "Publisher".





In order to improve the usability and functionality of our Site and to help us provide you with better information and services, we may collect data relating to your use of this Site via cookies.


What is a cookie?

The cookie is a block of data that we use to record information about your navigation on this Site (this data is collected directly by us or through our partners).


Which cookies can be used by us?

Several types of cookies may be present on this Site. These cookies have the following purposes:

- Cookies necessary for the operation of this Site;

- Cookies used as part of the audience measurement;

- The social networking cookies generated by the "social network sharing buttons";

- Identification cookies;

- Cookies related to operations relating to targeted advertising (third-party cookies).



  • Cookies necessary for the functioning of this Site

These cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of this Site and the navigation on this Site. They allow you to access the main features of this Site.


  • Audience measurement cookies

These cookies are intended to establish statistics on the use of this Site and its various sections as well as the use of services offered on this Site.


  • Social networking cookies

This Site offers application buttons to share certain content on this Site via social media platforms.

These application buttons thus use cookies to track the browsing of users.

These are, for example, "share" buttons from social networks.

When you click on one of these application buttons, the page of the social network considered is displayed. However, even if you do not click on the application buttons available on this Site, social networks that have made available these application buttons are likely to identify the connection data and navigation on this Site.

Cookies are deposited directly by social networks. Thus, your choices regarding the deposit of these cookies must also be done with social networks, by directly consulting the websites of social networks and their policy of protection of personal data.


  • Identification cookies

The cookies of identification are used within the framework of the creation and / or the connection to the account of the user on this Site.


  • Cookies related to targeted advertising operations (third-party cookies)

When you access this Site, a cookie may be stored on your computer.

These cookies are intended to enable us to offer you adapted advertising content.


Prior consent to the deposit of cookies

You must express your consent or refusal to the use of cookies.


To accept or refuse the deposit of cookies, you must, during your first navigation on the Site, click on the box "I accept" or "I refuse" of each of the categories of cookies. You also have the possibility of accepting or refusing them all. In case of refusal, we will not be able to implement the purposes intended by the refused cookies, but you will nevertheless be able to continue to benefit from all of the Site's functionalities.


In order to avoid you having to express your choice at each visit, we save it for a period of six months from the first deposit in your computer. Once this period has elapsed, or if you have deleted your cookies, you will be asked again to indicate your choice for the use of these cookies on the Site.


You can, at any time, modify your wishes concerning the deposit of cookies by the Site via the "Cookie Management" module located at the bottom right of your screen.


The refusal of cookies

As a reminder, the setting is likely to modify your conditions of access to the services of this Site. Without these cookies, you risk losing the benefit of functions essential to navigation on our Site.


How to exercise your choices?

Manage cookies by manual configuration is possible directly in your browser. As such, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the help menu and will allow you to know how to modify your wishes in terms of cookies. Here are the help pages for:


Internet Explorer ™:

Safari ™:

Chrome ™:

Firefox ™:

Opera ™:

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