The doors to your senses…

Based on travel, Sothys relaxing body treatments plunge you into a polysensorial universe that is an invitation to escapism. Our personalized rituals invite you to discover delicately fragranced scents which are expressed in varied galenic formulas which are always ultra-sensorial.

A pleasurable experience combined with the specific Sothys DIGI-ESTHÉTIQUE® application techniques.

Escape and well-being, guaranteed!

Indonesia, Orient and Japan.

massages-corps-soins-signatures-sothys-paris DISCOVER !

Choose a Sothys signature treatment and escape through an initiation journey

  • Go to Indonesia with the Indonésie ancestrale™ body massage, a global body massage + energizingMayonggo breathing ritual.
  • Or to the Orient with the Sensations orientales massage :Oriental massage based on stretching.
  • Finally, stop time and choose the Hanakasumi™ massage for an immersion in Japan… :An Enzymatic scrub with exfoliating gloves + reflexology foot massage.
Enjoy exceptional protocols inspired by the strong culture of these countries with a massage technique specific to each treatment.

The +?
A Sothys exclusive sound design to immerse you in your chosen escape...

Extend the escape at home with our body products.

produits-massages-corps-culture-soins-relaxation-page-nouveautes-sothys-paris I WANT IT!

Body products with delicate scents.

To continue this moment of escape at home, find the body products associated with Signature body treatments!

HANAKASUMI ™ : a Shower cream, a scrub and an Elixir – A soft and powdery scent – Cherry blossom and lotus sensorial escape.

SENSATIONS ORIENTALES : A Shower foam, an Oriental scrub paste and a Nourishing body gel – Aromatic and amber scent – Amber and myrrh sensorial escape.

 : An Aromatic shower oil, an Exfoliating body wax and an Aromatic spray – Body and hair – Floral, spicy and woody scent – Sandalwood and jasmine escape.

(Re) discover our 100% tailor-made treatments.

The duration and nature of the massage can be personalized:

  • Scrub 30min (sugar and salt scrub)
  • Massage 40 min (4 textures to choose : cream, wax, oil or butter)
  • Wrap 30 min (cocooning mask)
  • All these treatments can be performed alone or combined and can be extended in 20-min segments
A diversity of olfactory universes to discover: lemon & petitgrain, orange blossom & cedarwood, cinnamon & ginger, the fruity scent of seasonal treatment and vanilla & tiaré flower!

massages-corps-sur-mesure-gommage-enveloppement-massage-sothys-paris-2024 DISCOVER!

Ultra-sensory products to use at home!

Enchanting scents and amazing textures!

  • Gentle products for the shower,
  • Body scrubs with surprizing textures,
  • Hydrating and nourishing products that leaves the skin delicately scented.

An offer not to be missed in your Sothys institute/spa!

An invigorating shower gel 30ml, an invigorating body lotion (30 ml) and a shampoo and conditioner (30 ml). 

*Offer valid while stocks last and not available on Purchase a Sothys® body treatment of your choice with a minimum duration of 60 minutes at the price displayed in your establishment, and get a free kit containing an invigorating shower gel (30 ml), an invigorating body lotion (30 ml) and a shampoo and conditioner (30 ml). The products contained in this kit can’t be obtained individually. see conditions with your beauty therapist.


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